What is the Population of Saudi Arabia in 2024?

Editorial Staff

As a long-time resident of Saudi Arabia, I’ve always been fascinated by the country’s vibrant tapestry of cultures and communities.

One question that frequently pops up, both online and in conversations, is: “What is the population of Saudi Arabia?“, “How many People in Saudi Arabia?”, How many Population in Saudi Arabia”, “How much Population in Saudi Arabia?” and “Is Saudi Arabia a Third World Country?”

Well, buckle up, because diving into this topic reveals more than just a number.

It unveils a dynamic story of growth, change, and a nation on the move.

Current Population of Saudi Arabia

As of today, March 1, 2024, estimates suggest that Saudi Arabia boasts a population of approximately 37.3 million.

This figure is constantly evolving, with various sources providing slightly different numbers.

Here are some reliable sources for the latest estimates:

Understanding the Growth

Saudi Arabia’s population has witnessed significant growth in recent decades.

Here are some key factors contributing to this rise:

High Fertility Rate

Traditionally, Saudi Arabia has had a relatively high fertility rate, meaning an average woman has more children than needed to replace herself.

While this rate has been declining in recent years, it still contributes to population growth.

Improved Healthcare

Advancements in healthcare have led to increased life expectancy, further impacting population size.


Saudi Arabia has a significant immigrant population, estimated to be over 13 million in 2022. This influx plays a role in overall population growth.

Beyond the Numbers

While the population figure paints a general picture, it doesn’t reveal the entire story. Here are some interesting aspects to consider:

Age Distribution

Saudi Arabia boasts a young population, with around 63% of its citizens under 30 years old.

This dynamic presents both opportunities and challenges for the future.


Like many countries, Saudi Arabia is witnessing rapid urbanization, with an increasing number of people moving to cities.

This shift impacts various aspects of life, from infrastructure to economic opportunities.

Regional Variations

Population density varies significantly across the Kingdom.

Major cities like Riyadh and Jeddah are densely populated, while vast desert regions hold a smaller population.

Looking Ahead

Saudi Arabia’s population is projected to continue growing in the coming years, albeit at a slower pace compared to previous decades.

The government’s Vision 2030 program aims to address this growth by investing in education, healthcare, and creating new job opportunities.

Addressing Your Questions

As a blogger who frequently interacts with readers, I understand the many questions surrounding Saudi Arabia’s population.

Here are some of the most common ones, along with my insights:

Is the high population a concern?

While population growth presents challenges, it also holds potential for economic development and innovation. The key lies in effective planning and resource management to ensure the well-being of all citizens.

What are the implications for the future?

The young population presents a valuable workforce for the future, but investments in education and training are crucial to harness this potential. Additionally, addressing the needs of a growing urban population will be vital for sustainable development.

Where can I find the latest population data?

The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) is the official source for population data in Saudi Arabia. While their website might not always display the most recent figure readily, it’s the most reliable source for official data.


Exploring Saudi Arabia’s population goes beyond a mere number.

It unveils a nation in constant flux, grappling with the opportunities and challenges that come with a growing and dynamic population.

By understanding these complexities, we gain a deeper appreciation for the evolving landscape of this fascinating country.