Is it Possible to Disappear from the Web in 2024

Editorial Staff

Have you found yourself deliberating on completely packing up your online stuff and pulling back to privacy in short Disappear from the Web?

Scary as it may be, you will never know what the future holds, and you may end up in a situation when you wished you never had an online presence.

You had fun on all the social media and did everything that you could on the Internet, but what happens when it’s time to become incognito once again.

Not using the Internet is not easy, and it doesn’t mean you won’t be using it at all, however, if you’d want to use it as an anonymous user, these are the measures you need to take care of.

To truly disappear from the web, to become a clean profile, will require some knowledge and a lot of time to go through all the necessary things you have to click to erase your public data and to delete your profiles.

Spring web cleaning

The first thing you will need to remove will be your profiles. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are the major websites you will need to remove your accounts from.

All of them offer step-by-step account removal tutorials which are easy to follow.

There are certain applications you can use to help you with closing down all your unwanted accounts on a huge number of websites.

Furthermore, there are probably accounts you do not even remember, some software can help you with those as well, Account Killer for instance.

Remember that the majority of websites offer an account recovery system.

You can temporarily disable or delete your account, but you will still be able to recover it if you ever change your mind or your business requires your online presence.

Rooting out information is hard

To completely disappear from the web, you will also have to take care of any search results on you.

This is quite tricky to do because any image, video or even employee information has to be removed directly.

One way to remove any search results of you is to contact the information holders and ask them to remove the data.

Another way is to ask the search engine companies to remove anything related to you other than public governmental information.

The world is becoming more and more digitalized and it is nearly impossible to remove everything about you on the web.

However, it is possible to limit that information to the bare minimum.

Removing public information

Even though it is possible to limit search results on you, it is still impossible to remove everything, or is it?

A lot of websites deal with finding information about anyone, including phone numbers, family, addresses etc.

If you want to remove that kind of information as well, your best option is to look for a service that handles such cases.

One of the absolute best is DeleteMe, for a reasonable price they will be able to delete all the results that can come up on you.

However, they do offer a do-it-yourself method as well, you can follow their detailed guide on how to erase your data from the web.

It is important to know that if you opt for the self-erasing method, you will need a lot of patience and time.

Take into account as well that you will have to contact a lot of sites and that you will have to provide proof of identification as well.

What about usernames attached to your e-mail address?

If you wish to regain anonymity by preventing searches and connections you made based on your e-mail address, such as websites registrations and forums, there is a way to accomplish this.

Wherever you can, unlink the desired profile with your primary e-mail address.

Create a substitute e-mail you are not planning to use any time soon.

You can also ask the moderators of forums that keep track of your activity to delete any posts you have made.

Becoming anonymous

The best way to stay anonymous on the internet is to use the browsers incognito modes, this way no traces of your information will be left anywhere.

Moreover, you can create fake profiles if you need to use communication.

Unfortunately, the Internet will be here for a long time, and to completely vanish is impossible, but at least you can regain some privacy.